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Our Approach

We specialize in understanding the credit market as a whole to include banks, credit unions, private money, and other financial resources. By specifically preparing and targeting your loan presentation, we offer lenders the most clear and accurate reflection of your loan request. Working together, we dramatically increase the ability for your funding to be approved and delivered. Search terms common to our industry include: commercial loan broker, small business loans, commercial loans, commercial lending


-Small Business Loans (SBA)

-USDA Rural Development Loans

-Conventional Loan

-Working Capital

-Construction Loan

-Investor Property

-New Business Start Up

-Business Acquisition

-Debt Refinance


In my 16 years of experience in private business, I’ve never known a banking advocate to rival the expertise and talents of Mr. Hoffman

- Gary Wilkins

I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with the Hoffman Consulting Group over the past few weeks. They have taken a close look at my business and helped me better understand my bottom line.

- Azalea Day Spa

James is a well respected and proven business leader who will do the right things for the right reasons.

- Kena Matthews

The Hoffman Consulting Group has consulted our company in business and financial matters and has been a valuable asset. They were quick to gain and demonstrate a thorough knowledge of our particular industry and its particular needs and demands


The Hoffman Consulting Group has been instrumental in leading us on the path to success! Our consultant has a unique ability to create the necessary business model in his head as I explain our needs to him.

- Walt Ford
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