$500,000+ Commercial Loans

We have found that most national lenders do not get excited about commercial loans that are less than $500,000. Loan officers are compensated based on loan volume and their annual goal can range from $6 million t0 $20 million in loan production. Although there are some really strong small loans, bankers know that they will work much harder processing smaller loans than if they target larger loans.

For loans that are $500,000 and less we use community banks, leasing sources and working capital sources. This is how we get our smaller loans closed. It also depends on the type of request proposed.

Commercial loans take about the same amount of time to close no matter the loan size. As a broker, we do not like to service loan requests that are less than $300,000. You will notice that we have closed a few loans this year that are less than the desired threshold. These transactions have been with local borrowers to Utah and have been closed with community banks.

We enjoy visiting with all business owners about the varied business projects across the nation. Please call us today to discuss your needs and ideas. We would like to help you realize them by lining up the loan you need.

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