7a Loan

A 7a loan falls under the SBA loan program (small business administration). These loans are used to get business loans funded that have a little more risk. The government guarantee can mitigate a significant portion of the liability to a lender in the event of a loan default. These loans typically take 45-60 days to get funded. The time it takes to start that clock is greatly up to you. On average we save clients 2 weeks in the application process.

Most lenders will issue SBA 7a loans in the current economic climate; however, not many lenders will utilize the SBA guarantee the same. For example the SBA may allow a loan that only requires a 10% equity injection by the business owner; but the bank will require a 25% injection. The bank/lender is still in control of the purse. The SBA merely mitigates some of the risk for the lender. Not all lenders play by the same set of rules.

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