A Learning Approach

This past week, I had the unique opportunity to meet with a potential business partner. The normal introductions and questions were made, as this was the first time either of us had met, and I had the privilege of sharing my vision for the Hoffman Consulting Group. As our discussion progressed, I was put on the spot and tested through a series of questions. As my knowledge was tried on basic ratios, I should have known, I struggled to answer the questions confidently. I managed to fumble through the questions only answering 2 out of 4 correctly. I found myself humbled and a little embarrassed by the experience.

This experience has proven to be valuable to me. Not only was this a call to brush up on some accounting skills, but it was also an opportunity for me to learn from an industry expert. The more we conversed with each other, the more our visions and desires to serve the business community seemed to coincide.

There is always someone out there that has more experience and expertise than you do. When we meet these people there is a great temptation to be offended or discouraged by such experiences, as mentioned above, because we believe we are the experts. It is important for all business owners to recognize their limitations and bring in experts when they are required. I’m looking forward to building this partner relationship and am grateful for the experience.

I’m currently reading a book called “Leadership and Self-Deception”, by The Arbringer Institute. This book discusses this idea in greater depth. Often as leaders or industry experts we don’t realize our limitations and as a result we deceive ourselves. It is a very interesting read.

Taking a listening and learning approach to our businesses will go a long way.


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