The Hoffman Consulting Group was formed in January of 2010 for the purpose of placing commercial loans with lenders who are loaning money in the current economic climate. We specialize in understanding the credit market as a whole to include banks, credit unions, private money, and other financial resources. We add value to borrowers (or businesses) by taking the work out of getting the loan. By preparing the loan presentation with the borrower we offer the lender the most clear and accurate reflection of the loan request. This saves the borrower and the lender time and energy and ensures a successful pursuit of commercial credit.

We save lenders time by evaluating and preparing a snap shot of each credit request in the underwriting language. This allows them to give an honest first impression look at each request the Hoffman Consulting Group submits. This process ensures borrowers a priority look over other brokers who simply refer your business to the lender.

The Hoffman Consulting Group receives the bulk of its income from the results of success. We get paid when loans fund as an additional closing cost for our services. This ensures our integrity by keeping us accountable to the commitments we make.

We are located in Eagle Mountain Utah as part of their Business Incubator Development Program. You may contact us by mail or appointment at;

7057 Mohican Drive, Eagle Mountain, UT, 84005


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