These download materials will provide an overview of commercial lending and what documents you will need to gather. They will help you understand the process and prepare you to confidently discuss your loan with lenders. If you like to do things yourself, downloading these tools will give you everything you need to get started.

Commercial Credit Guide (PDF): This book will tell you what you need to know about commercial loans. Have you ever wondered why lenders ask for so many documents? Do you want to know what they are looking for when approving or declining a loan request? You can finally have the answers to these questions and more with the Commercial Credit Guide.

Credit Application Workbook (Word File): Here is a checklist with all the documents a lender will need to process your loan request. The Commercial Credit Guide will provide insight about the documents in the application. Take some time to read the Commercial Credit Guide so you understand why these forms are needed. Understanding why the forms are needed will help you fill them out the right way.

Projections (Excel File): Although a sample worksheet for projections is included in the Credit Application Workbook, this file can be used instead of filling out the chart by hand. You will also notice a place at the bottom of the worksheet used to project cash flow.

NDI (Excel File): Use this worksheet with your personal tax returns to figure out what extra income you have to strengthen your loan request. You can read more about this tool in the Commercial Credit Guide.

Business Cash Flow (Excel File): Use this tool with your business tax return to figure out what cash is available for new loan payments (see Commercial Credit Guide for more detail).

Ratio Calculator (Excel File): There is no need to memorize accounting ratios. This spreadsheet will produce them for you. Simply enter your existing or projected P&L and Balance Sheet information into the worksheet, and it will compute the ratios.

Loan Calculator (Excel File): When you don’t know what your loan payments will be, you will find this tool handy.

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