Account Receivable Financing

Account receivable financing comes in many forms. One solution is often referred to as factoring. Factoring your account receivables will put cash in your pocket today to offset the time it would normally take for your to collect on your invoices. Factoring is a good solution for some businesses that do not have the money necessary to fulfill large or growing contracts. Factoring is also a good solution for companies who don’t want to wait on larger customers to pay their accounts.

Factoring companies may be generalist in nature or specific to a certain industry. You need to know if your business fits within their scope of factoring industries to make sure they have the ability to fulfill your request. You may be turned down because your industry falls outside their niche, not because of your credit.

We have several factoring companies that we work with. We have great relationships with them and can get you the money you need quickly and at competitive pricing. Lets discuss your account receivable financing needs today.

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