Another DON’T for Borrowers

It is extremely difficult to get the “real” story from some borrowers. At times I feel that if I haven’t asked the right questions then I’ll never really know the full story. When I deal with borrowers like this I am always on my guard. It’s as if I expect to uncover something I don’t want to find at the next turn. This is an awful way to build a commercial lending relationship. Lenders feel the same way we do when we come across these borrowers. What’s worse is the deterioration of trust that results from these borrowers. Lenders expect problems to arise.

Don’t put your lender or broker in this position. Make sure you present you borrowing need in a clean and clear manner. The fewer questions a lender has after visiting with you the better. This will help your broker/loan officer get the story right when they visit directly with underwriters. A clear and complete story will give your banker confidence.


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