Apartment Complex Loans

Apartment complex loans are the bread and butter requests for most of our life insurance lenders. If you have not had a life insurance company bid on your apartment complex you are missing out. Many of our lenders structure the terms and conditions of the loan similarly as Fannie and Freddie programs. Some loans that Fannie and Freddie wont do the life insurance companies will. We have visited with property management companies and other apartment complex owners who highly recommend you receive a quote from an insurance company lender.

Currently we are working on a few apartment loans across the country. These loans have been quoted as non recourse with 10 year terms and 25-30 year amortizations. One of the deals we are currently working on was not fund-able through the Fannie Mae program. This specific deal included cash out up to 75% of the LTV.

These are our favorite stories to tell. The difficult deals always give us and the borrowers the greatest satisfaction at the closing table. If you own an apartment complex or are looking to purchase one, lets discuss your financing options. On these deals typically there are no additional costs to working with us than to go directly to the lenders. Let us be your advocate in securing a loan for your apartment complex.

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