Bank Denied Loans

We met with a borrower 9 months ago to discuss an operating line of credit to support inventory growth. At that time the borrower was working with a national lender to gain an approval for the line of credit. The borrower wanted to see what traction could be made with the existing lender prior to engaging our group.

Just after Christmas we received a frustrated email indicating they were tired of working with lenders that wont produce results. We expressed our desire to help place the loan with another lender. We know that 50% of commercial lending is getting your loan request with the right lender.

After assessing the needs for the company and gathering a complete loan package, we engaged another national lender. The lender listened to the borrowers story and made sure they understood the details of the business operation and the line of credit request. Once the whole story was understood, issuing the line of credit was an easy decision.

Our main objective is to get more loans placed in the market today. Some of our best referrals really are bank denied requests. If you have been denied for commercial credit we should discuss your options. It may not be as bad as you think.

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