Fast Commercial Bridge Financing

This is probably some of the hardest money to find. Many bridge lenders have lost a significant amount of their money in the last few years. To find a lender that is still solvent enough is very difficult. As a broker, I have searched the internet and utilized my circle of influence to find true sources for bridge money. I have managed to drum up a few sources that are strong and active in today’s credit market.

In my search I have found a few things to beware of when searching for these sources. Be cautious to trust the company. Naturally we expect lenders to be credible; however, make sure you do you due diligence on the lender to ensure they have closed loans and are not merely a “fee” shop. Many of these sources will require a large due diligence fee before they will look at your loan request. Be very cautious with these sources.

Hiring an expert can save you a bunch of leg work and money trying to find credible sources. Don’t become a victim to the “buyer beware” market of commercial lending. Contact us today to review your options. We will set you on the right course.

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