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At the Hoffman Consulting Group we pride ourselves in helping small businesses understand their financial statements and tax returns. Business owners have often been left in the dark concerning these items. They contract with a CPA or accountant to have their taxes prepared. As long as they don’t have a large tax payment at the end of the year they are happy. I don’t know of many business owners that take the extra time to understand how the tax returns work.

Normally a banker doesn’t do a very good job of helping business owners understand key financial indicators needed to be approved for a commercial loan; as long as the loan is approved the business owner is happy. If the business loan is denied, a lender typically provides a decline letter with generic reasons as to why the loan could not be granted. Neither of these actions help the business owner understand “why” the cards fell as they did.

We can’t fault the professionals that assist businesses; neither can we fault the business owners themselves. Traditionally this is how the entrepreneurial market functions. Business owners don’t normally excel in finance matters. They excel in business ideas and industry niches. Some are better operations managers while others are extremely creative. There is much wisdom to be discovered in managerial finance for small businesses.

Although we are not CPA’s, we know the key financial performance indicators that are important to commercial lenders. We know how to discover trends that provide critical insight as to where a company is headed. If you find that your strengths are not in the numbers, let us be an affordable solution to your business finance consulting needs.

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