Business Funding

Business Funding: What it really takes to get to the closing table. Commercial loans are not easy to get funded. There are so many details that a borrower prepares and an underwriter reviews. Due to the human element and subjectivity of the business loan application process, it is very easy for a mistake to made along the way. Mistakes misrepresent the loan request at hand. The key to getting your loan to the closing table is clear and concise communication.

At the Hoffman Consulting Group we use a term sheet to communicate credits. Unlike most brokers and even bankers who try to sell upper management and underwriters on a good idea, we discuss your request at the underwriting level. This ensures clear communication with the lender decision makers. Better loan reviews help improve credit quality for the lender and ensure your loan a fair judgment for approval or denial.

Business funding is not easy to realize. It takes more time than any borrower or lender would like. Clear and concise communication will help your loan through the process and get you to the closing table. Truthfully, that is where the lender wants to be too although at times it may feel that way.

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