Business Loan Applications

Every business banker and lender you visit with will have a Business Loan Application you will need to fill out. Sometimes lenders will only use forms issued by their financial institution. More important than filling out the commercial loan application is having a complete due diligence package. You can find a complete application and due diligence package by clicking here. Having a complete package prior to visiting with a lender will jump start the commercial loan process.

The longest part in getting an approval for your business loan request is often gathering up all the documents your banker needs to make a decision. Although our checklist will anticipate many of the documents a banker might ask for, it is not all inclusive. Lenders will have specific documents for you to gather as well. It is important for you to be as responsive as possible to the lenders request. The sooner you are able to gather up the complete package, the sooner your loan can be approved. The business loan process can be long enough without having delays in gathering the details the underwriters need.

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