Commercial Bankers

Getting a business loan can be extremely difficult. This credit market is uncharted water for many loan officers and banks. Borrowers need to find commercial bankers who will take the time to hear their story and translate it into the underwriting language that the banks review. The underwriting language contain the rules of the game for commercial finance. Although the credit markets have constricted, if your request plays by the rules, you will have a much better chance at getting your loan request funded.

Commercial loan officers must review many deals in order for them to reach the sales goals for their bank. For this reason, bankers often look over a few key indicators without getting the full story out of borrowers. This can result in a denied request even if it is a good conforming loan. Hiring an expert who can guide you through the underwriting process will ensure a clear review of your loan request. Although this may be an additional expense to you, it is well worth the time and headaches you will save through the process.

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