Commercial Bridge Loans

Commercial Bridge Loans are very unique to find. We are currently directly connected to over 20+ active direct bridge and hard money lenders. We also at times partner with other brokers who are connected to different funds to tackle certain loan requests. It is not unusual for a borrower to pay multiple brokers when seeking hard or bridge money.

That is the nature of how private capital is found. In many cases bridge and hard money financing comes from individuals who have large sums of cash they want invested in the market. They understand commercial real estate and are comfortable providing loans that are backed by very conservative loan to values on real estate. These lenders don’t care so much about what you plan to use the funds for; but they do care about the collateral that is backing the loan.

Commercial Bridge Loans are ideal for clients that need to fix issues on the deed of trust/title report, need to reorganize the structure of ownership, need to stabilize an income producing property, satisfy “shotgun” deadlines and other immediate needs. Call us to review your scenario today.

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