Commercial Credit Market

As of the date of this post it seems that commercial lending has lightened up a little. It is still more difficult to obtain a commercial loan today than it was during the economic boom; however, financial institutions are beginning to market for loan opportunities again.

I’ve seen a surge in new business loan requests as well. Business owners seem to have more confidence in the economy to start or expand their businesses. I’m also seeing business owners reduce expenses through refinance programs currently available. With rates at historic lows, some borrowers are saving hundreds to thousands in their monthly payment by restructuring their debt.

The view from the street is looking bright although the political environment is still unknown. Some level of confidence has returned to the commercial markets for both the lenders and borrowers alike. This is a good sign for our economy here in Utah. If you have been turned down before for commercial credit, now may be a good time to revisit your loan request.

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