Commercial Debt Financing

Commercial debt financing comes in many shapes and sizes. Theoretically  debt can come in the form of a strategic lease, traditional loan, SBA loan, USDA loan, line of credit, credit card, contract financing, account receivable financing, hard money and bridge financing. Structuring a commercial loan is a bit of an art for business lenders. There are many types of loans that can be used for different types of risks and collateral.

Business owners need to make sure they understand which type of loan will be best fit for their needs. Not all loans work for every business. For this reason, borrowers need to move forward cautiously. Business owners should be confident they can repay the loans they take. It surprises me how many business owners want loans that they can not prove a way to repay.

Commercial debt should be planned for. Don’t make the mistake that many borrowers do by waiting to the last minute to put together your loan plan. The more time you give yourself will be invaluable in making sure you get the best pricing, and ultimately, the best loan.

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