Commercial Equipment Lease

When purchasing new commercial equipment you may consider your leasing options as well. Although SBA and other conventional sources traditionally offer better interest rates and terms, equipment leases are becoming more competitive each month. I’ve seen these leases priced as low as 5.9% which is a hair under what an SBA 7(a) lender would offer for a similar loan.

Leases offer an edge on collateral value as well. SBA will only give you 50-75% of the value of equipment as collateral. The leasing companies will offer up to 100% value for the same equipment. If you were denied by SBA recently or a local bank utilizing an SBA guarantee, you should call us to discuss your leasing options.

These leasing companies will fund anything that can be classified as equipment. Equipment can range from software and computers to heavy equipment used for construction. There are all sorts of requests for commercial equipment leases today. Our next step is to review your request and match you with the right source.

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