Commercial Lenders

Commercial lenders can be so aggravating to borrowers. It seems that even though you can submit everything they request; it is still never enough to satisfy their demands. Sometimes it can even feel like their requirements are absurd. Unfortunately lenders are lenders. As a result you must know what is real and what isn’t when it comes to acquiring a commercial loan.

Be careful if a commercial loan officer makes you extreme promises that other lenders are unwilling to do. Banks compete for loans just like your business competes in it’s industry. If only one bank is competing for your loan it could be a “bait and switch” tactic.

Because commercial lending is a “buyer beware” market, many borrowers are promised things that the lenders will never deliver. Some lenders do this because when you start the process and go through all the work of ordering your reports and acquiring an approval, you will be less likely to go somewhere else for the loan. By that time you may have wasted too much time to find another lender and start over.

This is extremely frustrating in the process of commercial lending. That is why we do our best to paint all the risks and mitigants to lenders at the beginning of the process.

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