Commercial Lending Companies

There are many companies that will lend money to small businesses. It is important for you to recognize those that are credible and qualified lenders vs those that just talk about commercial lending. The commercial lending market is very much a “buyer beware” marketplace today. Do some digging before you engage any lender in a commercial loan request.

Some of these small business lenders may be banks and credit unions. In most cases you will merely interview your banker and try to make sure the bank or credit union has an appetite for your industry and loan request.

Hard money lenders, private lenders and brokers will be a bit harder to identify their legitimacy. Ask for references from those individuals who they have funded loans for in the past. Make sure their business is registered with the state they do business in. Look for reviews of their services online. Don’t settle until you are comfortable with the micro and macro view.

Try not to let your loan request become an emotional decision. Often this will cloud your judgment and you will discount red flags because of your hope to get a deal done. Start by making a list of questions you feel are important to your specific loan. Then begin interviewing your commercial lender companies.

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