Commercial Loan Consultants

The Hoffman Consulting Group is more of a consultant than a broker. They take the time to walk you through what to expect in the commercial loan process. With the right expectations businesses can better prepare their business plans and loan requests for the credit markets. The process is often longer than desired and can be frustrating without a guide.

In the second half of 2009 they consulted with over 90 different businesses about loan requests. These requests varied from new construction to operating lines of credit. The wide variety of businesses and loans the Hoffman Consulting Group services provides years of experience and expertise for your request.

The bottom line is this: If you choose to work with the Hoffman Consulting Group you will get the right advice from the start. This advice may not be what you want to hear; but it will be the truth about the credit markets. You will know exactly what it will take to get your loan funded in the credit environment today. With this information and their tools you will be able to confidently pursue commercial credit.

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