Commercial Loan Experts

If you have ever had a banker or broker tell you they are an expert, you have probably raised an eyebrow in disbelief. To be honest, I really can’t blame you for being skeptical given the current credit climate and the bankers/brokers we visit with. There are very few experts in the commercial credit industry today. In reality, it comes down to how you define expert.

If an expert is a master of a specific subject then an expert loan officer could be described as having several years of experience, credible designations, financing degrees as well as bank/loan specific training. The problem with this definition is that it does not measure results. I have met numerous bankers and brokers that meet the definition of an expert given, but can’t fund a loan in today’s economic climate.

I think we should challenge the experts. An expert should be tied to results. It’s about performance isn’t it? You want a guy that can get your deal fund not just talk about it. Our results qualify us as commercial loan experts. We are ready to go to work for you.

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