Commercial Loan Officers

We have the opportunity to work with several loan officers and can tell you they are not all equal in skill and ability. In general, loan officers are pretty sharp  professionals that seem to be well connected in the communities they serve. Sometimes these business bankers can be great resources for your business growth. There is typically more value in consulting with the commercial lender than simply obtaining your loan request.

With that in mind, make sure you get to know your commercial loan officer. Take the time to help them understand your business and it’s unique  needs. The more the business banker knows, the more he/she will be enabled to help your business obtain a loan and get the right advice. Often business owners have a tendency to hide things from their commercial lenders. Most of the time this results in misfinancing your business and poor advice. Don’t make this mistake. Find a lender you can trust to do the right thing for your business. Their are lenders out there that will keep you best interest at heart.

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