Commercial Loan Requests

We get commercial loan requests of all shapes and sizes. We have funded loans that have been denied by other banks and sometimes multiple banks. In many cases, the difference between getting your loan approved and funded or receiving a decline is the presentation.

Lenders look for red flags to kill any deals that seem too difficult or outside the lenders credit box. Borrowers often end up throwing a lender off with a small comment that prohibits the lender from listening to whole request. We help fix this problem by preparing borrowers with the right expectations.We also underwrite the request in terms the bankers understand so underwriters can make “underwriting” decisions instead of biases.

No commercial loan request is easy. It is important to make sure that every interaction with bankers is positive in moving your loan toward a complete review. Borrowers often kill their own deals trying to sell a banker on their project. Don’t let this happen to your request. Call us today to discuss your option.

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