Commercial Loans: Owner User Requests

We can be highly competitive on any owner user/owner occupied loan request. Last week we quoted a client a fixed rate for 5 years at 5.26%. Two weeks prior to that we had a 25 yr fixed rate fully amortizing loan at 6.89%. These rates are very aggressive and are offered to high quality credit requests. I have not yet seen a local community bank or credit union compete with these interest rate offerings.

These loans come with a 1.5% origination fee and nothing to us as the broker. This channel pays us directly for the work we perform in the process. Quite honestly this product is the most favorable and competitive for borrowers seeking a loan for their businesses real estate. The biggest hurdle is the credit approval. These great terms are not available to overly aggressive or risky requests. If you feel like your request is pretty sound, lets see if you can qualify for the best the industry has to offer.

These rates apply to SBA 504 loans and conventional loans for owner occupied/owner user real estate loan requests.

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