Denied Business Loan Request

If your business loan request was denied by a lender we would like to give you a second opinion. We know that some bankers merely glaze over your loan packet without getting into much analysis. They often do not give you enough time to tell the story before giving you a quick response.

On the other extreme we find some bankers who want to do every business loan that comes across their desk. These bankers are difficult to work with because they tell you what you want to hear, while all along the approving officers are never on board with your specific case.

It is important to have a navigator as you work through the business loan process. If you have attempted to obtain a business loan without one and were denied, make sure you obtain a second opinion. We have worked through several loan request and can help you work around many of the pitfalls in the process. Our consultants have been commercial bankers before. Now as entrepreneurs they have sat on both sides of the desk.

Take some time to discuss your needs with one of our loan consultants. You will not be disappointed.

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