Denied Loan Application

PLEASE get a second opinion if your business loan has been denied. In most cases you may have run into a banker or bank that is not interested in your business industry. If your decline letter comes and you disagree with the reasons, it is probably because the real decline reasons were different then what the letter indicates. Let us review your case and tell you what your options are. Whatever you do, make the effort to get a second opinion.

At the Hoffman Consulting Group we personally underwrite your loan request. This enables us to have a competent discussion with lenders on your behalf. This results in a better presentation of your loan package and request. The luster of a deal is often lost in the translation from one banker to the approving bankers and underwriters. Don’t let someone else muddy the water for your deal.
About 75% of the loans we get closed have already been declined by another lender. If you need a second chance, stay hopeful and give us a call.


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