Does Your Banker Hear You?

One of the biggest challenges with the commercial loan industry is getting your story across to the lender. It seems that from the moment business owners start talking about their loan, bankers are looking for a reason to kill the deal. It is very difficult to find bankers who will listen to your whole story and then think creatively on how the loan request could be funded.

The opposite can also be true. Some loan officers love to hear the story of your business although they know they can never fund your loan. These “sales bankers” end up wasting a lot of your time. Generally they are too nice to tell you no from the beginning.

We have developed a tool that helps us get the facts on the table with any lender. Your story is heard by the bankers who are genuinely interested in funding your loan. This can save you weeks of time dealing with the wrong banker. It is a difficult task getting your story across. You need to be honest with the banker on both the good and bad about you request; but, none of that matters if the bank itself will not fund your loan.

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