Easy Commercial Loans

There is only one easy commercial loan that I can think of. Truthfully all commercial loans have their headaches. The only time I have seen a lender do a deal with less red tape was when they were charging a significantly higher interest rate and the loan was backed by a national established brand. This borrower ended up using us as a source for financing and we were able to save them $60,000 a year in interest expense over this lender. I will admit that it was more work and a little longer to fund; however, the savings was well worth the wait.

Be cautious if any lender, broker or consultant tells you the process is easy or goes quickly. I have not seen a loan fund faster than 45 days in over a year. No deal that I have worked has gone through smoothly without a hitch. I would argue that the easy commercial loan doesn’t exist. It is unfortunate that financing is a huge hurdle in today’s economic climate. The reality is that commercial loans take a lot of work. An expert on your side can really help you get the results you want out of your lender. Give yourself some lead time in the process so you don’t feel pressured. That will help you make the best short and long term decisions.

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