Fast Business Loans

Fast business loans are not easy to find. Private and hard money lenders are typically able to move much faster than traditional funding sources. The speed at which you are able to get the cash also coincides with how much it will cost you to get the cash. It is better to be prepared when seeking business loans. Give yourself a couple of months to do some due diligence. This will ensure you get the cheapest and best money for your loan request.

Private and hard money can be secured in as little as a few days. SBA guaranteed loans will normally take 45-60 days to secure. Anything that is conventional could be secured in 30 days. A request can take more time if appraisals and other third party reports need to be ordered.

At the Hoffman Consulting Group we strive to keep the ball moving and always in the bankers court. The last thing you need is to have your loan package collecting dust on a bankers desks. This doesn’t do you or the lender any favors. We can get you funded faster by cutting out the sales cycle in the loan process. Our underwriting tools catch the attention of the decision makers at the bank. Give us a call today so we can get you the fastest business loan possible.

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