Find a Commercial Loan Broker Dealer

Are you trying to find a commercial loan broker to be an advocate for your loan request? If so, you have found the right source. Utilizing a commercial loan broker can give your request a strategic advantage over other businesses seeking financing; however, a bad broker could also ruin your chances of getting a business loan. Make sure you complete your due diligence prior to committing to any commercial loan broker dealer.

At the Hoffman Consulting Group we charge borrowers a upfront commitment fee. This money is used to offset the office time we spend consulting and compiling your complete loan packet. We make our “real” money when we close loans. We feel we owe it to our clients to be accountable to the promises we make. We structure our compensation to reflect that.

Our consultants provide tangible references. We have received permission from the clients we do business with to use their names and company information for references. If you find a broker dealer that does not provide references due to confidentiality, we advise you not to engage that business loan broker.

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