Get Paid For Business Loan Referrals

If you come across commercial loan requests in your line of business, we would like to hear from you. We will pay you for your referrals. All we ask is for a name and contact phone number. You don’t need to do anything more to get paid for your referrals. We will keep you updated on the deals you refer and pay you once we are compensated.

For most professionals, commercial loan requests are cumbersome because the sales cycle is so long, and the process is specialized. In many cases these loan referrals never get passed to a source that can fulfill the need for these borrowers. By partnering with the Hoffman Consulting Group you will be able to service the borrowers needs and get paid for simply passing along the contact information.

Give us a call to be set up on a vendor referral agreement. We look forward to helping you boost your income and reputation by closing commercial loan requests you see. We have partnered with several professionals nation wide and have paid thousands in referral fees this year alone.

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