Get Paid for Referrals: Commercial Brokers

We are looking for more referral sources. The life blood to any commercial lender is deal flow. We reasonably compensate referral sources for helping us expedite the commercial loan process. We have wholesale channels that allow us to compete at the lender level as well as additional sources that fund deals that fall a little outside the box.

Brokers end up being our partner in serving the borrowers. We like the personal touch that local brokers offer to our clients. There is nothing quite like sitting across the desk from your borrower as you discuss and analyze their commercial loan request. We know that can not be replaced and value the brokers that can establish that for us.

We offer brokers an underwriting back shop. Although we have several lenders we work with, we personally underwrite our loans prior to submitting so we waste less of your time and our funding sources. This has helped us establish credibility and become more efficient in closing loans. With a few details we can assess whether a commercial loan has a chance at getting funded or not.

We look forward to visiting with you and reviewing your pipeline. Contact us today for more information.

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