Getting a Commercial Loan

Ever had a bad experience with a banker or a bank trying to obtain a commercial loan? In many cases a bad experience can translate to several different reasons. One reason could be the relationship manager.

A business relationship manager at a bank is someone who should be your advocate between the bank and your business. The relationship manager should help your business obtain commercial financing. However, today this translates into frustration because the banker may not know how to be a true advocate.  In many cases all a business owner needs is the right banker or relationship manager to obtain the commercial financing.

Many bankers will only give you a decline letter for a loan request with at least three reasons why your business was not approved. Some of these reasons could be fluff, while others might have some useful information. Whichever side the reasons may be on a business banker may not know how to consult with you about your business. To explain if your business needs a more polished look or a different lender.

Hoffman Consulting Group is a relationship manager for the business. We follow your business not a bank or banker. We are your part-time or full-time relationship managers; to talk through banking guidelines, to structure loans to obtain the best value for your dollar, and to manage your relationship between your business and a bank.

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