Insurance Lenders

Insurance companies really know their niche in the lending market. When you have a loan request that fits their credit bucket, these lenders will price the loan aggressively. In many cases, traditional lenders have a hard time pricing interest rates lower than insurance company lenders. The insurance lenders will also be more flexible in the underwriting of deals that fit their portfolio niche.

The draw back to working with Insurance Company lenders is that they can take a longer period of time to close your loan. You must also find a good correspondent loan officer. The correspondent loan officers interface directly with the insurance companies to find, package, underwrite and service commercial loans. You will need to work with the correspondent lender in order to secure a loan from the insurance company.

Our insurance lenders will do loans up to $100 million and as little as $1 million. They currently are looking for anchored retail, investor property, office, owner occupied real estate, apartments and multifamily loan requests. If you have a deal that fits this niche we should talk.

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