Investment Property Lending

Your business loan for investment property can be very different depending on the type of investment property you own. I have had rates fixed in the low 4% range on multifamily property loans. Office buildings tend to have lower LTV’s than other investor property types. Some lenders will offer non-recourse loans to retail centers and other property types that have strong tenants and rent rolls.

It is important to know what are competitive terms for your specific property type. Unrealistic expectations will frustrate you and the lender. You can’t expect to get some rates or LTV’s that are not associated with your property type.

Working with a broker can save you a tremendous amount of time in identifying competitive terms and sources in the market today. Just as you hire an expert to put together your taxes, a broker is much more efficient and know what is available in commercial lending. Good commercial loan brokers are normally well worth their fees.

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