Lender Advocate

Is your commercial lender an advocate for you and your business? This is a very important question you should be asking yourself. Your banker is the “face” for your business during the loan presentation to the Bank. In many cases you don’t get a second shot at your first impression to underwriters and senior approving officers at the bank. As a business owner, you can not afford to have your loan pitched by a novice.

Take some time to interview your commercial loan officer. Make sure they understand your industry. They will rely on you for specific details but should be able to keep up with you as you explain your business. Go over the financials with the lender. Understanding true “cash flow” will be very important in the approval process for your loan. Try to review the completed presentation with your commercial lender before it goes out for approvals. This will ensure the look you want without back peddling mistakes in the write up.

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