Loan Closings

Although the credit markets have been really tight lately, commercial loans are closing. The days of quick approval and funding in the commercial industry are long gone. No rock goes unturned during the business analysis and underwriting process. It is amazing how much closer the lenders are looking at borrowers and their businesses. Things that in the past haven’t presented problems have become deal killers to some lenders.

Navigating through the commercial credit market is not an easy task for the best loan officers right now. Even brokers are struggling to find a niche loan product they can count on for funding.

At the Hoffman Consulting Group, we take a shotgun approach to lending. We service all types of businesses and loan types. We see deals through to the end when other lenders give up. We too struggle at times to find the “right lender” because of how dynamic the market place is; however, we offer our clients the best shot at getting their commercial loan request to the closing table.

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