Mortgage Bankers

As I have tried to find lending source who will fund commercial loans, I have come by many mortgage bankers in the industry. Mortgage bankers represent a hybrid type of lender in the marketplace today. Mortgage bankers typically work with multiple lending sources much like a traditional broker; however, their lending sources will issue loans without an origination fee or a negotiated origination fee. What this does is allows the mortgage banker to compete with other banks without increasing the pricing or origination fees of the loan.

Here at the Hoffman Consulting Group we service lenders like the mortgage banker as well as truly brokered relationships. Borrowers find they get the best of both worlds with our services on their side. Our goal is to provide the cheapest cost of funds within the timeline given as well as the risk at hand. In some cases business owners are happy to pay higher fees and interest rates to close a deal quickly and to enjoy an easy application process. As a broker/mortgage banker we can accommodate any borrower and most any lending need.

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