Multifamily Loan Rates

Multifamily loans are highly competitive in the current market place. Insurance companies, conduit lenders, banks and DUS lending sources all like apartment/multifamily loans. For that reason the interest rates can be very competitive. I have heard one banks pricing to be as low as 3.75%. This was unbelievable when I first heard it. Most of these rates are fixed for 10 years with amortizations from 20-30 years.

An average interest rate for a multifamily loan today is about 5.5%-6%. If you have been quoted a rate above 6% we would like to find a better offer for you. Don’t let a lender earn a premium off of your relationship. If a lender has already given you a commitment letter and you have paid for your third party reports, it will only be an additional weeks time for us to get you a competing offer. In most cases it is well worth a week for the savings you will enjoy over the next 10 years.

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