Owner User Business Properties

If your business is looking to expand into it’s own building we want to visit with you. We are a wholesale lender for SBA 504 loan programs and conventional owner occupied real estate loans. We offer fixed rates for 5 ,10 and 25 years. Just yesterday we quoted a client a 6.93% fixed rate for 25 years on an SBA 504 loan request. We are hopeful we will be able to secure this as a client.

Whichever options are best for you, we have a solution that will fit your needs. We are anxious to compete with any other offer you may have on the table. Just give us a chance to put a tangible offer in front of you. Then you can decide which is more attractive for your needs. We are confident we can produce the best loan in the market; given that we get the opportunity to compete.

You are out nothing by having us run a parallel path with your primary lender. Let us get a competing offer on the table for you today. Call us to discuss you owner user business expansion needs.


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