Owner User Commercial Properties

For owner user commercial properties we are very competitive on rates and terms. We underwrite and directly submit deals through wholesale channels that make us competitive with the banks. If you are looking to refinance or obtain a construction loan to build a commercial property that your business will occupy 51% or more of the space, we want to visit with you.

These loans typically qualify for an SBA 504 guarantee program. So long as your business qualifies we know we can be more competitive in rates and terms. For those deals that do not qualify for the guarantee, we know where financing is available to get your project started. Don’t waste any more time spinning your wheels with lenders who don’t produce results.

Building a relationship with a lender who can finance your business today will be invaluable. Lenders are experiencing the hardest credit markets yet. A lender who can succeed today will certainly succeed when economic times are better. Lets begin building a relationship that will last in varied economic clients. Let us get your deal in front of the decision makers today.

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