Project Based Financing

Before the economic bust there were several lenders who would provide commercial loans based on a specific project without reviewing the global borrowing relationship. These lenders have slimmed down significantly in our current economy. Although the markets are showing signs of conduit and other project based lenders, the due diligence process is still more stringent than in years past.

Our insurance company lenders like to do loans that are project based investor property. If the asset is performing well they prefer not to take personal guarantees. These lenders get very aggressive with the rates and terms for the loan types they want in their portfolio. If you are looking for a loan on investor real estate either to purchase, refinance, or even access cash out of your equity in a property we should talk.

One thing we have learned about the loan consulting/brokering business is that their are many “talkers” in the industry. The trick is finding people who actually fund loans. Unfortunately this puts a bad taste in the industry we compete in. We look forward to changing this problem with brokers today. Give us a call to discuss your unique needs. If we can’t do it, we wont waste your time.

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