SBA Business Acquisition Loan

Business acquisition loans are some of the most challenging deals I have worked on. Although the SBA guarantee program assists lenders in eliminating some risks associated with these types of loans, the risks are great enough that lenders still exercise extreme caution. Many things can go wrong in a business acquisition. Will the new ownership maintain the historical growth performance, will they accelerate the growth curve? Will customers or vendors and suppliers continue to do business with the new owners? There are many other variables that also impact whether or not an acquisition is something a bank lender will get comfortable with or not.

Over the next couple of days we will explore business acquisition loans and what lenders will be looking for. The more you know about the lenders expectations, the greater chance you will have of getting your loan request funded. Take some time to really “know” the business you are looking to buy. It will go miles with the lender and ensure you don’t make a big mistake.

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