Stated Income Real Estate Loans

Do these really exist anymore? The truth is that this product type is extremely rare. Exercise extreme caution as you visit with sources that have stated income programs because most of them are “smoke and mirrors.” Watch out for up front fees or major delays in the underwriting process. Stated income commercial loans are primarily focused on the real estate itself. The in depth analysis is much different.

Stated Income Real Estate Loans are more commonly known as bridge loans or hard money loans; however, we do have one source for stated income loans that are real estate based (real estate only). Origination fees for our stated income loan range from 2-4% with APR’s from 8% and up. Let’s discuss your loan and put you in touch with a “tangible” stated income lender. We have done the research to ensure your money and reputation is protected. We get paid on results which ensures your time wont be wasted on false promises.

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