To whom it may concern: I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Hoffman  Consulting and particularly James.  We have a large project underway at this time and we owe a lot of gratitude to James for helping us find a lender that fit not only our financial needs, but potential long term opportunities for both the lender and our company. Some of the deal points that really helped us through the process are as follows:
-Hoffman Consulting knew when to be the middle man and when to step back and offer support but not complicate or increase timing.
-James was able to find a good, capable, local, lender that provided us the product of a big institution, with the service of a smaller, more personal lender.
-The rate for our fees was negotiated such that we paid no additional fees to compensate Hoffman Consulting.
-We were able to secure long term financing through the lender and will realize savings of up to $150,000.00 in just the first 5 years.
-We were under a time constraint but although close, we were able to hit our deadline.
Overall we are very grateful for the services provided by Hoffman Consulting.  We look forward to working with you in the future. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Respectfully, Cory R. Robison: Owner at Stonehenge of American Fork Owner


The Hoffman Consulting group was introduced to me by my bankers. Because of the economy and lending practices that now exist my large bank was not able to help me (even though I had super credit and 35 years of history with that bank). The Hoffman group was able to evaluate my needs, look at my business plan and financial capabilities and find appropriate funding to meet my needs. They have relationships with many lending sources and were able to tailor make a plan with a lender that met my criteria. The work they did was professional and straight forward. I would recommend them to anyone who has financing needs who are being stone walled by their current lenders.They would be a wise choice to shop before deciding on any financing. I appreciate their efforts and assistance. Paul S. Taggart Owner Age Sciences Inc.


“Hoffman Consulting Group is a very professional, reliable, and organized company.  We were told ‘no’ by several banks before being introduced to James Hoffman.  James explained how his expertise in the banking industry would help us find the funding we needed.  He was right!  After reading his booklet – Commercial Credit Guide – we had a much better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes, as regards lenders.  James is keenly aware of timing issues and worked round-the-clock to ensure we had funding when we needed it.  It was a pleasure working with Hoffman Consulting Group.  I will recommend James to everyone, and will most certainly use his service in the future.” Troy Christensen Owner – MediVet Utah


“After working for several months with my primary bank to secure a small line of credit with no avail, we hired the Hoffman Consulting Group. They efficiently organized a complete loan presentation saving me several hours of my time. They took the time to understand my concerns and my unique business circumstances. The Hoffman Consulting Group was able to successfully obtain a $400,000 SBA line of credit from a national lender. I was pleased with their responsiveness and detailed analysis. I would recommend their services to anyone seeking commercial credit. We are currently working with them on additional business loans and services.”       Kevin CottleOh My Crafts


“I just closed a refinance with James Hoffman as my loan broker.  During the previous year, I worked with a few other groups to secure cash-out refinancing on my project without success.  I met James through some business colleagues and he began the refinance process through one of his lending contacts.  Within a few weeks we had a Letter of Interest, and 60 days later we were fully funded. James worked hard to identify the right lender and to negotiate the best possible terms.  He is vigilant in his duties as a broker and has a “can do” attitude instead of the traditional “can’t do” attitude of the general lending industry.  He is easy to get a hold of and very responsive by phone and email.  He is quick to follow up on due diligence items, which saved me countless hours.  He is also very knowledgeable concerning industry trends and terminology, and is capable of explaining how the loan process works from start to finish. James has proven himself to be a friendly, hard-working, problem solver who is well worth his commission (and he should have received the commission that was given to the lender contact because he did most of their work as well). We have developed a relationship of trust with James over the past year, and we look forward to working with him on future projects.  I would recommend him to anyone seeking financing.” Nate Keller-CEO, Keller Capital Group


“Over the last several months I have been working at putting together a self storage project to be built in the Lehi UT, area. I engaged Mr. James Hoffman to help me secure financing for the $3.5 million dollar project. I have been in the construction and development business, in Utah and Hawaii, for over 40 years and have worked with many banks and lenders for my projects. I have learned the “ropes” of the lending process over the years. As I began to develop a relationship with Mr Hoffman, I recognized a person of absolute integrity and a high degree of understanding in the lending process. In fact, I learned a great deal from James and found him to be very educated and knowledgeable. He has proved to me that he pays attention to detail, and with the contacts he has nurtured among the many bankers that he has worked with over the years, he was able to facilitate our project getting an approval by a prominent bank in Utah County. I very much appreciate the expertise and help James brought to our project and would recommend his services to anyone in need of financing for whatever purpose.” Mark Doxey-owner of Doxey Construction


“In my 16 years of experience in private business, I’ve never known a banking advocate to rival the expertise and talents of James Hoffman. Extremely proactive, James cold-called on our company and immediately assessed our most critical needs. Even more impressive was his ability to bring those critical needs to fruition by securing our business a $400,000 line of credit (double what we’d ever been able to attain before) and with favorable terms – a most impressive achievement in this tightened credit economy! After he had secured our business, James remained personally engaged with our account to ensure all our needs continued to be met. I have complete trust and confidence in James’ abilities, and would highly recommend him to any business in need of the services he provides.” Gary Wilkins-CFO of InfoTrax Systems


“I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with the Hoffman Consulting Group over the past few weeks. They have taken a close look at my business and helped me better understand my bottom line. Utilizing the ideas they bring to the table I will be able to more efficiently run my business. James is honest, diligent and pays attention to detail. In addition, he has a great network of people that can get the job done.   I would highly recommend him to my friends and colleagues.” Holly M. Adams-Owner Azalea Day Spa & Salon


“James is a well respected and proven business leader who will do the right things for the right reasons. James is highly principled with strong values and is true advocate for the people he works with and for.” Kena Mathews-Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity


“The Hoffman Consulting Group has consulted our company in business and financial matters and has been a valuable asset. They were quick to gain and demonstrate a thorough knowledge of our particular industry and its particular needs and demands. They helped us find creative solutions, particularly in pricing and financing that have had a significant benefit to our bottom line. Our consultant has been a great advocate for us, and has been a pleasure to work with.” Chris Washburn-Fezzari.com


“James Hoffman—MR SMILES—what can I say but what you see is what you get. James is a very conscientious person. When I talk with James you can tell he is listening to what I am saying and is genuinely interested. He is very committed to helping and being involved, on any level, whether it is with his family, the people he works with or in the communities he lives…you can count on him. I treasure James as a friend and confidant. In my line of business you always need “go too people”, if I need to bounce an idea off someone or need constructive input or just to be coaxed “outside the box” to take a look…James has always been there for me and I appreciate him for that.” Robert Rainaldi-Prudential Real Estate


“The Hoffman Consulting Group has been instrumental in leading us on the path to success! Our consultant has a unique ability to create the necessary business model in his head as I explain our needs to him.  His consistent attention to detail has given us monetization opportunities that I previously did not realize existed.  I suggest that all business owners sometimes need an outside perspective, and I would highly recommend the Hoffman Consulting Group to fill that need.” Walt Ford-Owner


“The Hoffman Consulting Group has been an important part of my business over the last year helping my clients to attain their goals with in depth business consulting and lending expertise. Their ability to show robust options and solutions to overcome the challenges in my clients businesses has netted exponential benefits. If you are looking for a comprehensive business consultant I highly recommend the Hoffman Consulting Group.” Brandon Fry-Owner


“James Hoffman was the single individual who provided stability to the process while I was seeking a loan from Wells Fargo. There were several issues that needed to be resolved and James was able to think through them, follow the process and put things in their proper order. I am not sure that I would have ended up with the loan if not for James and his expertise. I would recommend him to be on anyone’s team for financing any venture. He is professional and always works for the client.” Steve Smith -Owner at Grease Monkey of American Fork


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