The Secret to Getting Your Business Loan Funded

If you recently applied for a commercial loan and had your application denied we want to talk with you. In many cases you need an expert to review your package and get you to the right lender. Lenders are required to give you three reasons when they deny your loan request. Underwriters will have one or two relevant reasons for a decline. It is very difficult to know why your loan request was “really” denied unless you have been a banker before.

Last year we helped several business owners get their commercial loan requests funded. 77.8% of our clients were previously denied commercial credit at least once and up to 4 times before we began working with them. Commercial lending is an art. Many bankers look for reasons or ways to turn deals down. Since we are paid based on performance, we must get creative in order to earn our living. We look at each case and ask ourselves how we can get it funded. Finding a banker/broker with this objective is the secret to getting your loan funded in today’s market.

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