Unsecured Growth Loan

Do you need an unsecured working capital loan to grow your business? Are you tried of scouring the web for a working capital solution? We may have the answer for you. If your company meets the following criteria we need to visit about the possibility of an unsecured growth loan for your business.

  • Loans of $50,000-$200,000
  • Unsecured monies
  • Term: 6 months minimum to 18 months maximum
  • Established revenues for the previous 12 months
  • Opportunity focus
  • Cash flow to make weekly or monthly minimum amortized payments

This is not the cheapest money out there but it is effective for the right businesses. This loan works well for technology companies and other high growth industries. This program doesn’t work well for companies that need a permanent cash injection to support growth. The money must be revolved and paid back within an 18 month period.

Every case is different so don’t cut yourself short trying to figure out whether you qualify on your own. Call us today to discuss your needs and the business opportunity you see. We can help you seize it today.

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