Denied Business Loan?

We can’t touch on this subject enough. Some of the best commercial loan requests we work on are those that were declined by another lender. It is worth your time to get a second opinion from someone who knows the credit markets. Don’t let one lender stop you in your pursuit of commercial credit. If you don’t get a very good explanation as to why they wont give you a business loan, please call us today. We will at least help you understand why your loan was denied and tell you how you can improve your chances of qualifying.

Business lending has changed through the economic downturn; however, it is not as bad as we think it is. Money is still available and being loaned to qualified businesses. The trick is knowing what it takes to become a qualified business and which lenders will give you a loan. Don’t spend too much time feeling like you have a bad business when one lender turns down your request. Try to figure out what requirements the lender needs to approve your loan. If you’re not satisfied with the answer, give us a call. We’ll point you in the right direction.

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